The World Prays with Ukraine.

Is the moment for unity!

All religions and spiritual leaders had joined this battle.

From Pope Francis to the leaders of local communities are making the call to stop this violence.

Join the voices of hope and encouragement!

Get the book with the prayers now.
The Pope about the war in Ukraine
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“May God hear our loving petitions and soften the hearts and minds of all, those within and outside Ukraine, during these dangerous times,” 

Follow the Holy Hour for Peace in Ukraine with Pastor Fr. Joseph Mary
Learn meditation with this guided ste-by-step easy book for all ages
Ukrainians are desperated for help and shelter

Voices of Lament, Hope, and Encouragement for all those who had lost their loved ones.

Is the moment to pray for Peace.

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About Me

In Praying I find myself. I believe in the power of prayers, this power can change the course of all. I overcame the loss of my parents with prayers.

But the Lord stood by me and gave me strength to proclaim the message.

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