Releasing the frustration of war in Ukraine


Throughout our lives, anger sometimes invades us to the point of pushing us beyond our own limits. With the current situation in Ukraine, most of Us, North-Americans feel limited in actions. We are people who would like to help, sending our forces and voices to stop the destruction.

This anger can then generate hatred towards those who make us suffer, political leaders included.

In order not to fall into the trap of this destructive feeling, it is worth discovering this prayer of John Paul II, an exorcism against hatred.

John Paul II

Because hatred is a shameful and destructive feeling at the same time, we are often not aware that it dominates us. We push it back.

Too often, when difficulties arise, we tend to believe that they are caused by others and that we are the victims. However, it is precious to remember that this feeling is not consistent with the evangelical teaching of Jesus.

Refuges from Ukraine seeking release in other countries

Christ himself condemned such negative thoughts. ” Well ! I say to you: Anyone who is angry with his brother must be judged. (Mt 5:22). God’s grace allows us to conquer our rage and practice charity, even when we are tempted to get angry and let ourselves be guided by the spiral of hatred.

A powerful exorcism to free oneself from hatred

Saint John Paul II, a man of prayer and action, knew the true way to cure it. In the midst of the Holy Year of Redemption, on March 25, 1984, he called for a “consecration of all individuals and all peoples of the world to Mary”.

He then pronounced this prayer:

“I entrust to her Immaculate Heart – in spiritual union with all the bishops of the world – all individuals and all peoples, essentially repeating the act that I did at Fatima on May 13, 1982”.

He then took the opportunity to pronounce a magnificent prayer for God to free the world from hatred, then in the midst of the Cold War. Always current, it is written in the form of a powerful exorcism to free oneself from hatred:

“Oh, Immaculate Heart!

Help us overcome the threat of evil which takes root so easily in the hearts of men and which,

in its immeasurable effects, already weighs down our contemporary world and seems to close the paths to the future!
From hunger and war, free us!
From nuclear war, from immeasurable self-destruction, from all kinds of wars, free us!
From the sins against the life of man since its dawn, set us free!
From the hatred and crushing of the dignity of the children of God, set us free!
From all kinds of social, national and international injustice, set us free!
From the trampling of the Ten Commandments of God, set us free!
From attempts to trample the truth about God into the hearts of men, set us free!
From the stupid consciousness of good and evil, set us free!
From sins against the Holy Spirit, set us free!
Accept, Mother of Christ, this cry full of suffering from all men!

Accept this cry full of suffering from entire societies!

Help us to conquer by the power of the Holy Spirit all sin: the sin of man and the “sin of the world”, sin in all its forms.
May the saving and infinite power of Redemption be revealed again in the history of the world: the power of Merciful Love! Stop the evil!

May it transform consciences!

May the light of Hope in your Immaculate Heart be revealed to all! Amen. »

(John Paul II, March 25, 1984)

The eBook The World Prays With Ukraine
The book The World Prays With Ukraine

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