About reading poetry books


Poetry books had been inspiring generations after generations being fiction, novels, romances or other genres.

I recently published Autumnal Perspectives, a fine selected 20 American Poems to welcome fall season.

Robert Frost , The road not taken (narrative)

Autumnal Perspectives introduces Fall season inspired poems of remembrance, beauty, and an awareness of the cycles of life is live on Amazon through my author page

What is Autumnal Perspectives

Autumnal Perspectives is a book of verses and poems.

This selection of traditional American Verses are autumn poems of remembrance, beauty, and an awareness of the cycles of life.

Why to read poems inspired on fall season

Autumn is a season when the natural glories of the spring and summer have ended, a new year has begun.

I hope that you will Enjoy this book with twenty selected American Poems, with their capacity to express our emotional landscapes to help find the autumnal perspectives.

This selection of traditional American Verses are autumn poems of remembrance, beauty, and an awareness of the cycles of life.

Why to read poem books

No matter what a poem is actually about, it’s going to use language in an innovative and, I would say, a beautiful way. We know that beauty is subjective, and we’re going to disagree about what is and is not beautiful.

But poets focus on how they they say things, not just what they say, so, in the best poems, you will find language that delights you.

Reading even just one poem will bring an experience of beauty and maybe even joy into your day.

Reading poetry for beginners

If you are new to poetry, you must know that you just opened a huge window in your life!

There is an entire field of writing out there to explore. If you are a more experienced poetry reader, you will still be surprised by what you find when you sit down to read a poem.

As an poetry curator and reader, I felt this most recently while reading Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken, which is a part of my selection Autumnal Perspectives made me cry three times.

I did not expect that! The poem is about a lot more, but some of the path parts made me cry, and I am not someone who knows or cares about the fantasies. You never know how you will respond to a poem.

Is reading a meditative practice?

Your experience may vary with every poem, with every moment, but I find that reading a poem calms me down and helps me focus.

I always read a poem multiple times to fully experience it, and the process of reading and rereading helps me forget my daily worries and to-do list.

I emerge from reading poetry with a feeling of quiet and serenity. And this, before sleeping is priceless.

How to become a better reader?

Poetry tends to foreground imagery, rhythm, and sound, and paying attention to these elements will help you notice it in other genres.

Poetry is not that different then prose, and the more you read poetry, the more you will see that it’s all just dancing with the sentences, with the rythms.

Reading poetry helps you think about language itself, and that can change how you think about everything you read.

Becoming a better reader helps to become a better speaker, a better story teller, a better entertainer.

Who am I?

My name is Bernat. I publish traditional poetry, traditional imagery, prayers books and mindfulness practices books.

You can find me on Amazon and by following me, you will be notified every time that I publish something new.

My most popular series are:

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